In 2019 people welcome brands that use their significant power to create a real change in the world. This is why Adidas needs to take the mission of helping women’s sports to the next level.

Women only receive 4% of sports media coverage. This causes a lack of female role models, one of the main reasons why young girls drop out of sport. To change this, we created ‘Her to create change’ the first campaign that is not a campaign. What does that mean? We removed all the Adidas ads in New York and replaced them by real-time news of woman athletes. No photoshop. No shootings. Just live-news of amazing women. Basically, the brand renounced to its own awareness in order to give it to those who make the brand proud: female athletes. 

D&AD New Blood Awards Pencil Winner 2019

Copywriter: Gal·la Basora Santín
Art Director: Marc Morales Faura

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